1-1 in-depth Akashic Record Clearing

Everything is energy and all is stored in our Akashic records. Everything you have
experienced in this life and all past lives is stored in the Akash. It’s like a Quantum computer
that holds every memory, every cycle, every relationship, all your beliefs, and all karma.

By going into the Akashic records we can get to the root cause of each situation that’s holding
you back from living your highest timeline. We can rewrite and repattern the records to a
5D timeline for our highest and greatest good.

This session can help clear stuck energies in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Under the Law of Grace and the Law of One we remove and release any unwanted states
and then with high frequency light energy, write into the Records what we are wishing to
manifest into our lives now.

Each session works at a deep level and can bring much freedom, healing and lightness to
those that experience it.


- Jo Martin- Akashic Record Clearing

‘Freedom’ I felt very relaxed but also in total awe of the whole experience. I walked through lots of different rooms where the records are held. (It reminded me very much of Trinity College Library in Dublin. I went there years ago and the whole place took my breath away as it was so amazing). When I left the Akashic Record Office I felt happy, peaceful, and light of step. It was an amazing experience. 

-Denise - Akashic Record Clearing

Many thanks, Georgie, for your powerful healing. The clearing of my Akashic records and soul retrieving. I’ve released all my negative thoughts and emotions. I really do feel comfortable and relaxed in my own skin. My new beginnings have began.