6 Months Journey 1 to 1

1-1 soul mentoring over 6 months meeting twice a month on Zoom. This program is bespoke to meet your personal needs, supporting you on this part of your soul ascension journey and activating your soul blueprint to your highest timeline.


- Rea - 1 to 1 Intuitive Soul Coaching

I love working with Georgie! I always feel Georgie’s deep love, care, and compassion whenever I am in her presence. Working with Georgie in our one to one sessions has allowed me to fully grasp who I am at soul level and the gifts, talents, and goals I most resonate with. Because of this work, my inner and outer worlds have expanded exponentially, I can see and feel the transformations! I am forever grateful for my heart has been touched by Georgie’s love, kindness, and generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are an angel! 

much love to you!


Tara North – 1 to 1 Soul Programme

I have been working with Georgie on the One to One Soul Programme for a few months. Georgie is a warm hearted, kind and caring person – who listens to my needs and works hard to make the programme completely individual for me.

She has worked on every aspect of my soul and has given me a new sense of clarity, purpose and courage. I feel through doing this work I am now able to pinpoint the areas of my life which need the most attention and those which will bring the most joy and fulfilment to my life journey.

I feel more confident and able to make clearer decisions as I embrace what lies ahead. Georgie has helped me to set boundaries both within my life and with others.

Working with Georgie has given me the confidence to take the next steps with renewed excitement and passion.

Diana Stewart - 1 to 1 Intuitive Soul Coaching

I’ve loved my one to one coaching sessions with Georgie and having never met her before we have grown a lovely friendship and bond over the last few months, despite only being on Zoom!

She’s inspirational, supportive, motivating and has really helped me to progress along my spiritual journey. We have become firm friends and I really hope we can meet properly and hug properly soon. Thank you Georgie for being such a wonderful guiding light.