Access your inner truth & the energy of flow through the power of self-love

Who is it for?

Soul-led entrepreneurs, healers, lightworkers, & creators

If you are exhausted from the ascension process and need to bring yourself back to your center by recharging in nature to become grounded and focused again.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, lacking the confidence to express the real you so that you can access your true creative essence.

Or if you’ve been giving your power away, thereby blocking the opportunities that the universe has been calling you to step into.

This workshop will help you to understand more clearly your unique role in building the New Earth.

It’s time for you to be held, come back to your inner truth, release what’s no longer serving you and re-connect with your higher self, so that you can let abundant opportunities in and confidently keep shining your light in this world!

Time & Location

Saturday, the 28th of October, 2023

Arrival – 9:15 am

Finish by 6 pm

Location: Quoditch, Devon, United Kingdom, EX21 5BY

Accommodation is available on request. Enquire by sending an email to

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What is the day going to look like?

This day is going to be your gift to yourself. You are going to be surrounded, held, and looked after by our loving team as well as have a chance to meet other kind beautiful souls just like you.

The retreat is going to take place in the heart of Devon, where you will be surrounded by the most incredible wildlife and nature.

The whole day will be filled with activities to help you connect with your inner truth, release what’s no longer serving you, and access the energy of flow.

You will experience:

* Embodied Intention Setting *

* Crystal Programming of Gifted Rose Quartz *

*Embodied Dance at the Medicine Wheel*

* Healing Breathwork & Feminine Embodiment Coaching Experience

* Delicious Vegetarian Lunch *

* Medicine Walk in Nature *

* The Rites of the Womb Sacred Ritual*

* Nurturing Cacao Ceremony*

* Soulful Conversation & much more *


How are you going to feel after this heart-centering and empowering experience?

You will access your bliss and feel unconditional love for yourself.

You are going to have the confidence to stand in your power moving forwards.

You will have the feeling of being anchored and grounded in your own truth.

You will feel re-connected to your natural flow and enriched creativity.

You will integrate practical tools and techniques to navigate through the next part of your ascension journey. So enabling you to thrive and access your divine feminine frequency within yourself.

Got more questions?

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What’s the investment of this gift to yourself?

*There are limited spaces for this very special day.

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