1-1 in-depth 80-minute soul reading

This is a sacred Soul Purpose reading one-to-one with Georgie and it reveals all the coding in your Soul Blueprint Chart:

It reveals your Divine Gifts and Talents from this life and your super powers encoded in your DNA.

Highlights the challenge areas where you find your hidden Gifts of Gold
Shows the Goal areas that your soul wishes you to aim for in this life.

This will help to illuminate career and higher purpose options.

It reveals The Soul Destiny, which is your reason for being here. Your WHY.

A Soul blueprint Reading costs £111 and is a sacred one-to-one session with me virtually or face to face (depending on health measures!)

I also give everyone a PDF of my personal daily energy management routine.

The session is highly transformational and the illumination of the chart will alchemize the codes; activating them to the positive and allowing you to begin to fully embody them.

On a personal level, this system has transformed my life and those of my clients, family, and friends.

My role here on Earth is to reveal the Soul Map to high-frequency souls (Lightworkers, Starseeds, and multidimensional souls) so that they can align with their Soul Purpose in this life and get their missions up and running.


- Salarah Starre - Soul Plan Reading

I had a reading with Georgie and quite honestly it blew me away… I highly recommend this to anybody who is considering a reading because it is such a powerful pivotal point along anyone’s soul journey.

- Rachel Peppard - Soul Plan Reading

Just had my one to one reading with Georgie. I am so glad I did knowing I am on the right path to becoming who I really am. Georgie is incredible and so talented and my heart and soul are alight with the excitement. Thank you so much, Georgie. I am really lost for words xxxx

- Valerie - Soul Plan Reading

After having my reading I felt it opened up a new realm in my life, a deeper understanding of myself. It has helped me move forward, made me aware of all I wish to achieve, shown me my purpose in life, why I am here. Thank you, Georgie.

- Catherine Frenzel - Soul Plan Reading

Georgie revealed me to me. Using the Soul Purpose System, she brilliantly, graciously, lovingly opened my consciousness and understanding that what I’ve taken for granted about myself is already the activation and fulfillment of my Soul Destiny. I didn’t know that I knew; and though it sounds weird to say: I am joyfully surprised by me. What Georgie told me about me has just “blown me away” (one way of putting it) and “brought me home to myself” (a simultaneous way of putting it). So, I loved everything about the reading and the reader. Georgie, you are an incredibly beautiful, loving, and lovable person, inside and out. Thank you for saying YES to your Gifts.

- Greg - Soul Plan Reading

Look no further if you want authentic connection to the divine. I have personally known Georgie Garwood for 15 years. During that time we have experienced off the scale spiritual connection. Georgie’s style is far reaching and she is really able to pinpoint and address real issues. People no longer want guidance they want real spiritual connection.
That’s Georgie.

Brenda - Soul Plan Reading

I shared with my family last night about my experience with you and I have to say I have had many readings and this one really resonated so much! My husband is going to listen with me today as I take a few notes and pull all the aspects together. He finds some of it hard to believe, but he follows along and accepts-I am so grateful for his open mind ❤.

- Nick Lane - Soul Plan Reading

Thank you so much for sending this through, I have listened back a couple of times now and it still blows me away. This has set me on a path of determination and I’m honestly so grateful for the information you shared on that session, it really was an incredible experience.

I also appreciate the daily energy management and protection document, there are a few protocols in there that I had not been doing. I have found this very useful, thank you.

- Tracey - Soul Plan Reading

Georgie is absolutely amazing at what she does. Delivering a fascinating and in-depth read. She is warm and welcoming, making you feel at ease and uplifted. The reading was fascinating and helped me understand my whole life to this point, resonating at such a level. I can’t help but feel excited and inspired. Already in 3 days, I sense a shift has taken place. I have more clarity and motivation. I feel at peace with myself and am excited to move forward in line with my soul plan.

- Diana Cooper - Soul Plan Reading

My soul reading with Georgie was extraordinary and has given me a new and expanded perspective on my life.

- Charlotte J - Soul Plan Reading

“I have had a few readings in my life and this is by far the most important one. To get clarity and confirmation on who I really am. Inspiring, helpful and fun! Georgie is lovely and very talented. A must have for anyone on the ascension journey.”